About Us

Quick House was created in 1990, after visiting trade exhibitions abroad and conducting a market analysis, a conclusion was reached that the civil construction sector in Brazil has not had any significant technological improvements in production for many years It was then decided to develop a constructive system that could be industrialized, transferring a large part of the services that are normally carried out on the construction site to the factory. After testing some prototypes and researching materials, in Brazil and abroad, the Quick House system was created.

The assembly workforce at the construction site is outsourced, and there are specific teams for each service. By doing it this way, it speeds up construction and improves the quality of the work force by allowing for specialized training for each group of workers for each specific task

The company's goal is to offer a high quality and durable product to the market, one which due to its high productivity and minimal waste allows for lower prices compared to products with the same level of quality of workmanship.

The Quick House Building system was given this named because of its quick construction time

Our quality policy

"QUICK HOUSE's commitment is the TOTAL satisfaction of its customers. In order to achieve this commitment, actions are taken to commit to the Quality System, with continuous improvement, training and development of employees in partnership with suppliers as well as the preservation of the environment. "



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