The concept of a transportable store meets a market need presented by companies that need to quickly install a point of sale. This is related to opportunities, events, seasonality or simply business impact. The use of steel made it possible to create a solution for transportable constructions. This construction is durable and has thermal and acoustic comfort with superior finishing compared to conventional constructions, and due to the reduced weight it can be transported from one place to another with ease and at a low cost.

Conventional construction on leased land is synonymous with lost capital, with the Transportable Store system the investment is returned and can be reused as many times as necessary. The QUICK HOUSE transportable stores have been developed with dimensions and weights that allow for easy transportation. Light cranes and conventional low sided trailers are used. The internal finishing project is developed together with the customer and attends to the visual unit of the company, with colors, floor covering, lining, lighting, etc.

The equipment and furniture can be assembled while still inside the factory, and can be transported together with the store to facilitate and accelerate the installation process. If the installation site has a sewer and water point, the store may come with a bathroom and/or a kitchen. QUICK HOUSE's goal is to offer a high quality and durable product to the market, one which due to its high productivity and minimal waste allows for lower prices compared to products with the same level of quality of workmanship.


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