The Quick House Building System, which has been patented by the company, is fundamentally based on being a facilitator for small and medium-sized constructions. Composed of standardized and bolted metal modules, they form self-supporting rigid panels made from galvanized steel. A major differential of this revolutionary system is the NAHB Certificate and the Miami-Dade County Noa, which certifies that the System can be applied to buildings in Florida, as the company has one of its headquarters in the USA.

In 1994, two years after the devastation caused by Hurricane Andrew in Florida, Miami-Dade County began to establish building standards for structural improvements to buildings to reduce damage from future hurricanes and tornadoes

In 2001 the new building code came into effect, requiring stringent standards for homes and buildings throughout the state.

Today it has become a reference and now the Miami-Dade County governs the construction and repairs of all public and private buildings.

The product control sector of the Miami-Dade Compliance Office is responsible for evaluating and certifying specific materials that can withstand hurricane force winds, becoming a reference and authority in the area.

Today this regulation is widely adopted not only in Florida, but also by several other areas that face atmospheric phenomena.

All certified structures receive the Miami-Dade seal, and real estate and construction companies are advised to check it before conducting any business, as the certification is the guarantee that the structure is compatible with the requirements.

Quick House is the only Brazilian building system to hold the Miami-Dade County NOA certificate. The company has plants in Brazil and the US and is currently building 150 homes in Orlando and 90 homes in Miami.



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